2010 Movies Guide

2010 Movies List - Best New Movies In 2010The new movies of 2010. It doesn’t sound like a real year does it? 2010. More like something that appears on a title card at the beginning of a movie. It sounds like the future. It sounds like you need a crazy, wild-eyed old man and a flux capacitor to get there, but you don’t, all you need is patience.

Unfortunately, we at Movie Moron are impatient as all get out. Screw patience. We’re already looking ahead to 2010 and its silver screen offerings, and we’d like you to join us. We’ll be your crazy, wild-eyed old man. Below is a list of our 20 most anticipated movies, 2010. Pay attention, Marty…

20. Cop Out

Starring: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody, Jason Lee

Director: Kevin Smith

Release Date: 26th February 2010

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Cop Out is the first movie from Kevin Smith that he hasn’t written himself. It’ll be interesting to see how he takes on someone else’s material while no doubt retaining his distinctive voice. The concept appears to be a straightforward buddy comedy about a couple of cops but Smith should be able to elevate the familiar ground he has to cover. Maybe elevate isn’t the right word, more like bring it down to his level. Whatever he does, we can’t wait to see it and that’s why Cop Out makes the list.

19. Looper

Starring: N/A

Director: Rian Johnson

Release Date: TBC 2010

2010 Movies Guide

This movie is a bit of an enigma. Still in the very early stages of development, little is known about the project plot-wise, and there are no stars attached. In fact, it’s the only film on the list with no actors on board, so the fact that it even makes the list says a lot. It says we love Brick, we really like The Brothers Bloom, and we are super-stoked to see Rian Johnson tackle an ultraviolent time-travel movie. Rian Johnson builds worlds, he takes ordinary surroundings and injects them with the uncanny, and he does this in high school movies and con-men movies. What is he going to do with a sci-fi movie, a genre where such mish-mashing and world-building is de rigueur?

18. The Last Airbender

Starring: Noah Ringer, Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone, Nicola Peltz

Director: M Night Shyamalan

Release Date: 2nd July 2010

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Possibly the most divisive movie on the list. Shyamalan is loved by some and loathed by others, but there’s no denying that The Happening was an all-time low, resulting in some declaring The Last Airbender a flop before hearing a single line of dialogue. But it’s not just the Shyamalan apologists that are praying for this movie to be good, it’s fans of the source material. Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of Nick’s most popular shows, a well animated, action-packed, humorous and intelligent piece of television with a mythos to rival Star Wars and an appeal well beyond its target demographic.

Many still struggle to cast aside fury at the thought of the controversial casting, but with teaser trailers and teaser images cropping up, anticipation is building.

17. The Book of Eli

Starring: Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis

Directors: Albert & Allen Hughes

Release Date: 15th January 2010

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You didn’t know you wanted a post-apocalyptic showdown between Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, but the guys that made Menace II Society did, so they went ahead and made The Book of Eli for you. It’s about, naturally, the titular book, a tome that may be the key to man’s salvation. Denzel defends the book, Oldman does the opposite. Comic Book artist Chris Weston did design work for the film, and says on his blog that ‘you’ll get to see Denzel Washington kick serious arse in this film… ‘Man on Fire’ is a mere taster compared to the righteous vengeance he rains down on the scum in this film’. We recommend ‘rains down on the scum’ become a phrase that you use regularly, not only because you’ll sound epic, but to familiarise yourself with the concept so as to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed when you witness Mr Washington in all his arse-kicking glory.

16. Paul

Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen

Director: Greg Mottola

Release Date: TBC 2010

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Brit Comic Book Geeks travelling across the US with an alien in tow. Meh. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? Not so meh. The talented duo reunite for another comic caper, this time sans director Edgar Wright, who just found out there’s a whole guild of other screen actors out there. It’ll be nice to see Pegg back with Frost after cavorting around in space and sucking up to Megan Fox – and now they’ve added Seth Rogen to the crew! Or he’s added them to his, we’re not sure. Rogen will be voicing the alien known as Paul, and he has a pretty weird voice anyway, right? So that should work nicely. Knowing Frost and Pegg this will be a crowd pleaser and a nerd-pleaser at the same time, and there aren’t many films out there that manage to do both. Plus, it’s another offering from the director of Superbad.

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