What to do when you’re bored.

You’ve checked your e-mails, updated your website, shopped online, used instant messengers. Now what? Do you sit blank after you’ve completed your daily internet tasks and have time to spare? Are you getting bored? Then here are some fun tasks you can do to kill those extra hours or minutes ;).


If you’re online and getting bored why not think of the things you always wanted to know. Like, why is the sky blue? What’s the best remedy for oily skin? Or how long will it take me to buy a new car? Ask questions, answer questions, help someone out and learn something new. Yahoo  is a fun way of interacting with people from around the world. And trust me, sometimes people ask such silly questions that you just can’t stop laughing. Nothing ever stops here.You will need a yahoo account to ask,answer and rate questions.


Myspace doesn’t need an introduction. If you’re not a member yet, you should checkout this very cool and popular social community site. You can customize your page entirely with your choice, make friends, join groups n all. I’ve also heard celebrities use myspace too, so who knows you might come across one. Have fun.


Facebook is also a social community site where you’ll find people from all over the world.Its fairly new but its really cool.Well, what makes it cool are the applications.You can bite your friends and turn them into werewolves,zombies and even vampires,but not in real.You can setup your current mood or pick a fight.Join fun groups and interact with people from your joined network.Well i won’t tell you everything. Check it for yourself. Have fun.